As the Nile flows, steady, fresh and overflowing with life, so flows the spirit of the Egyptian Princess, Hatshepsut, daughter of Pharaoh Thutmose I. Sweet, clever and clumsy, Hatshepsut loves her country and her people while her father is a strict and unhappy man. Inspired by the majestic architecture and artwork of his forefathers, the Pharaoh believes that every member of the royal family must look, act and think with perfection. What he cannot abide is his daughter's relentless honesty, ability to forgive and perpetual clumsiness. His second wife, Mountnofrit, and her tattletale son Thutmose II, are eager to follow the Pharaoh's lead and only present their "perfect best" to the world.

It is the day of the annual Firefly Festival, and the Pharaoh has promised to give any "one thing" to a weaver who can weave a robe so perfect that only truly perfect people can see it. An unknown weaver named Pepi, and his silly sidekick Salti, agree to the terms and start weaving right away. Only Hatshepsut and her magical cat Bas are able to figure out that Pepi is her Uncle Geb in disguise. Prince Geb was banished years ago for his love of jokes and tricks and his refusal to pretend that he was perfect. Now he plans to trick the Pharaoh and demand his "one thing" - the Kingdom! Hatshepsut's attempts to tell the Pharaoh are rebuffed, and culminate in the Pharaoh parading around the streets of Thebes in his underwear. It is only through Hatshepsut's quick thinking, and the help of some tickling fireflies, that both the kingdom and the royal family are saved.