There are 9 speaking roles in this play. The original workshop cast contained 7 actors by doubling Nut with Isis and Geb with Osiris. To expand the cast, the fireflies may be played by people, the sculpture garden can literally come to life with many singing sculptures, more weavers may be added to Pepi & Salti's scenes, and Egyptian villagers can be included in the opening scene and song, the Pharaoh's entrance and song, and the Firefly Festival parade and finale song. The premiere at NWU had 27 actors.

Pharaoh Thutmose I of the 18th dynasty

Hatshepsut: Thutmose I's 12-year-old daughter

Bas: a magical cat

Moutnofrit: wife of the Pharaoh

Thutmose II: 10-year-old son of Moutnofrit and Thutmose I

Pepi/Prince Geb: banished brother of the Pharaoh

Salti/Nut: Geb's sidekick

Menoi: a firefly. She could be a puppet, a child, a flicker of light or even imaginary. She speaks as a twinkle of sound.

Isis & Osiris are two statues of the respected Egyptian gods that come to life in response to Hatshepsut's prayer.

Egyptian townspeople, weavers, fireflies & sculptures