One morning, Mama’s dearest wish is granted when a rosebud opens and Thumbelina, the tiniest, loveliest and bravest of girls, emerges. Thumbelina and Mama are very happy until a Froggy Mama kidnaps Thumbelina, intending for her to marry her boorish, burpy son. With a big dose of bravery, and a little help from a friendly Beetle, Thumbelina escapes on a lily pad across the water.

Her adventure continues when a hungry Spider captures her. It takes all of her wits, and a bit of help from the audience, for Thumbelina to break free from the web. She next befriends an injured Sparrow who teaches her the value of sharing your time and to appreciate new food (gummy worms!). As the Sparrow heals under Thumbelina’s care, a storm of clouds descends. Thinking quickly, Thumbelina enlists the audience’s help in blowing the clouds away, and she and the now healthy Sparrow fly home to a joyful Mama.


Liza Lentini earned her MFA in Playwriting from Southern Illinois University. Her plays have been performed at PS122, The Women's Project, The McGinn/Cazale Theatre, The Cherry Lane, and Manhattan Repertory Theater, garnering a multitude of honors and awards. She is the creative director of Elephant Ensemble Theater, a company that brings theater to children in hospitals (