The music for The Emperor and The Nightingale was composed and arranged by James Woodward. He is an Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Jacksonville State University and the composer in residence for the Etowah Youth Orchestra. The sound is authentically Chinese, relying heavily on traditional instruments. A complete show CD is available for all contracted producers.

Click here to listen to excerpts from 4 songs: Sweep Away, A Fit of Dynasties, To Light A Fu, and The Jasmine Flower Song.

Click here to download a script sample in pdf format containing cuts from Scene Two.

When you contract to produce this show, you will receive:
1. A script in PDF format from which you are permitted to make as many production copies as needed.
2. A copy of the Original Cast Recording. This CD is invaluable to younger performers or performers who can not read music. You are permitted to copy and distribute this CD to your cast and crew.
3. A piano/vocal score for all of the songs.
4. A "Show CD" with full orchestrations of all songs plus all of the original underscoring and incidental music used in the original production.