There are over 20 roles in this production. It was written to be performed by a cast of eight (4 women, 4 men), though the original production used nine actors. By adding more animals and villagers, that script is easily expanded to include as many actors as you wish. A version written specifically for 6 actors (3 men, 3 women) was produced at Imagination Stage and is also available for production.

* Mowgli - an eleven-year-old boy raised by wolves
* Messua - Mowgli's human mother
* Mother Wolf
* Sister Wolf
* Father Wolf
* Brother Wolf
* Bagheera
* Baloo
* Bandar King
* Bhopla Bandar
* Banghan Bandar
* Chil
* Kaa
* Shere Kahn
* Villagers
* Baby Mowgli (swaddled doll with recorded baby cries)